To My Future Self: The Coding Journey I Embarked On

Dear Future Me,

I'm writing this as a letter from your past, to recount the early days of our coding journey. It's a story not of structured classes or clear paths, but one of raw discovery and resilience in the world of programming.

Our First Steps in Curiosity

We began in the simplest of settings, with just a computer and our boundless curiosity. Remember our early navigation through the basics of PHP, Python, and JavaScript? It was like exploring a new city without a map, each step driven by a desire to learn and understand.

Embracing Every Turn

The path was never straight. We juggled languages and tackled problems as they came, a testament to our adaptability and perseverance. Those nights of endless coding and the joy of solving a tricky problem are the milestones of our journey.

From Simple Projects to Lifelong Lessons

Every project, no matter how small, was a building block in our coding expertise. From rudimentary web pages to basic apps, these humble beginnings shaped our skill set, one project at a time.

Valuing Each Mistake

I want to remind you how every error was a learning opportunity. We embraced each bug and glitch as a challenge, turning obstacles into stepping stones. These mistakes were not setbacks but integral to our growth.

Lessons from Inspirational Reads

In this journey, "The Power of Self-Discipline" by Brian Tracy and "Who Moved My Cheese?" by Spencer Johnson particularly reshaped our perspective. Tracy taught us the importance of self-discipline in persisting with decisions and actions. Johnson showed us the value of adaptability in the face of change. These lessons were crucial not just in coding but in life.

The Power of Community

We were never really alone, even in our solo journey. Online forums and coding meetups were sanctuaries for shared struggles and triumphs, providing a sense of belonging and an invaluable pool of knowledge and support.

Keeping the Flame Alive

Despite moments of doubt, our passion for creation, problem-solving, and bringing ideas to life kept us going. Celebrating small victories and reflecting on our progress kept the flame of motivation burning.

In conclusion, this journey we embarked on was unconventional and challenging, but every twist and turn made us who we are. It's a story of embracing the unexpected and growing bit by bit. May these memories serve as a guide and a reminder of where we started and how far we've come.


Kingsley Solomon