Solomon Kingsley

Software Engineer

Hi there!
I’m an experienced software engineer with a history of building magical and scalable web applications. I write on eliteng and upload most of my projects on github


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Published in ElitengFeb 15, 2018

Build a Cryptocurrency Tracker with Vue.js

As cryptocurrencies continues to grow in popularity, the value of cryptocurrencies can vary greatly over time. If you’re lucky, some coins bought for a handful of dollars a few years ago can be worth thousands of...


Published in ElitengFeb 21, 2018

Integrate and Deploy a Laravel and Angular project to a Shared hosting server.

A few days ago, I was assigned a task to integrate and deploy Laravel and Angular project to a shared hosting server. After a few hours of googling,...


Published in ElitengJul 6, 2017

API Routing using ExpressJS Router 4.0

ExpressJS is one of the most well known packages for Node.js. It is a web development framework that helps us create the great applications. It is also the E in the MEAN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, Node.js).


Published in ElitengJul 3, 2017

Quick Dive into ReactJS

As software developers, we are always looking for libraries and tools that aids productivity. Ever since NodeJS unleashed the back side of javascript. Frameworks, Libraries and Modules has been released in the recent years. ReactJS is one of them, Let’s quickly go through what ReactJS and its key concepts.